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Today, we’ll share a bit of information about one of our latest projects and collaborations: creating a custom Ghost theme for Frontier's blog.

Check out Frontier's blog

We utilized the Ghost content management system platform to create the new blog, ensuring that, through this powerful publishing platform, Frontier will be able to publish, share, and grow its business across the world.

Frontier created a secure non-custodian wallet for Crypto & DeFi, and NFTs. Users can store, send and invest in over 4,000 crypto assets, earn passive crypto income by stacking or supplying assets in DeFi apps, and explore web 3.0, all through one single implementation available for both Android and iOS.

The Crypto business vertical is ever-changing, so it was only natural that Frontier would seek a way to communicate with their customers and the general public about news related to their product. Through their blog, users can learn more about Crypto & DeFi, explore guides related to Frontier’s app, and level up their crypto journey.

Our job: Create a custom Ghost theme where Frontier's announcements would reside

Frontier requested the help of our team, and we happily delivered. We were tasked with creating a custom blog that would be thematically similar to their tech website, to encompass their vision in an artsy, yet professional way.

Our team utilized awe-inspiring colors, smooth animations and transitions, beautifully-crafted assets, and the latest optimization tricks in our tech stack to deliver a comprehensive, intuitive, yet eye-catching blog that would promote user acquisition and retention.

Customizability is our motto, so we implemented a variety of user-oriented features such as Dark Mode, which reduces eye strain and helps users read through content for prolonged periods of time.

We also included quality-of-life features like the Search function and Category filter, which help users find the content they are most interested in. Looking for your favorite topics was never easier.

Lastly, we implemented all SEO optimization tools needed to boost Frontier's online presence, making sure their articles and posts will be visible to as many users as possible, and providing full mobile support for those who prefer digesting their content through portable devices. You will get the same seamless experience viewing the blog on a desktop, tablet, or phone.

How long did it take?

We finished the project in a timely manner. The blog took us no more than ten working days, and the process was smooth, devoid of any issues and obstacles.

Thinking about getting your own Ghost Theme?

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