How to Get All Posts in JSON Format with Ghost Public API

In this small and easy tutorial we are going to get all posts from a Ghost blog using Ghost Public API. We need to cover a few steps:

Enable Ghost Public API

Enable Ghost Public API from your Ghost Admin Dashboard (Dashboard -> Settings -> Labs)

Get client_id and client_secret

Get client_id and client_secret. Go to your website and View page source. You should see something like this:

<script type="text/javascript">
	clientId: "ghost-frontend",
	clientSecret: "xxxxxxxxxxxx"

Request URL

Go to:

Replace clientId and clientSecret with data that you found in the source. Also replace with your domain. The request must come from a URL that the Ghost blog recognises or the request will not be authorised.


More information about Ghost Public API you can find on Public API Beta or Ghost Docs.

Nistor Cristian

Nistor Cristian

Founder of Haunted Themes